Family Fun at Knob Creek Range


At Knob Creek Gun Range, we strive to provide a safe, friendly atmosphere for families to enjoy firearms.

KCR is a family friendly venue

Time spent at Knob Creek provides:

  • A time to teach younger shooters the proper safe handling of firearms in a safe, supervised shooting environment
  • Inexpensive range fees
  • Hunter Education classes
  • Cheap range fees
  • A place for young people to explore their inquisitive nature about firearms
  • Individual and family memberships
  • Really cheap range fees
  • Snack bar and restrooms
  • A friendly well versed staff with knowledge of guns and their accessories
  • Fresh country air in the beautiful hills of Bullitt County
  • Our Knob Creek pets. The dogs, cats and birds are enjoyed by most visitors to the range
  • Don’t forget inexpensive range fees

Bring the family for an informative, enjoyable, safe day of shooting.

  • Opening Times

    Opening times


    Open 9am - 6pm every day, except Tuesday. Tuesday’s are all ours.

  • Gun101


    GUNS 101

    Questions, answers, facts and the basics, including how to choose and handle the right firearm and reasons why you should.

  • Family Friendly

    Family Friendly


    Nothing brings families together like blowing stuff apart... Safely.
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Knob Creek Gun Range sells a wide range of guns and ammunition.